And Survey Says.. Channel Surfing?

Excuse me, what? 50.3% of weekend fun is spent flipping through tv shows. Even for an American, I found this statistic slightly appalling. Although this study is from 2012, I can only imagine the increase in leisure media and cyberspace consumption today.

One clever way to limit your television zombie mode is by actually learning something new! Self-enriching skills can easily turn into awesome hobbies, works of art, or a form of simple meditation.

My Top 3 Skills to Try: 

#2 Cooking Skills – I always want to test out those simple step Buzzfeed/Pinterest recipes.

#12 Learn a New Instrument – I know how to sight read and basic piano, but getting better or playing the guitar is definitely something I want to do.

#15 Adobe – These creative programs are so cool, and also extremely impressive in the professional world.

Scroll through the rest below, what’s your new talent?

20 New Skills You Can Learn Instead of Watching Tv


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